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From musical instruments and power tools to luxury handbags and gold jewelry, pawnshops are a hub of memorabilia. A true pawnshop offers short-term pawn loans in exchange for collateral. In many ways, the pawn shops of today operate as mini-banks for millions of unbanked Americans and they also serve places for people of all backgrounds to buy and sell items. Here at 8 Mile Jewelry & Loan we offer the customer up to half on an item they purchased in store.

Items You Can Buy

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The top three things that generate the most cash for your loan are:


Bring Stuff. Make Bank

Pawning is much like getting a secured loan from a bank or traditional loan company. The borrower provides suitable items of value as collateral. The items are held by the pawn broker until the loan is repaid with interest. If the loan is not repaid as set forth in the loan agreement the collateral lawfully becomes the property of the lender.

An associate must see and inspect the items before making you an offer. Bring your items to our store is the best way to insure the very best price for your items.

Minimum age for sellers is 18 years. A possible alternative is to bring a parent or legal guardian with a legal picture ID. In limited instances, such as titled vehicles, new articles in sealed cartons, etc., you must provide proof of ownership, clear title, purchase receipt or bill of sale.

Top three items that generate the most cash:

The top three things that generate the most cash for your loan are:


Other Popular Items

  • Electronics
  • Tools & Equipments
  • Jewelry
  • Gold
  • Car
  • Watches
  • Firearms
  • Musical Instruments

Rare Coins Also Bring Top Dollar

  • Special paper money
  • Federal reserve notes
  • Certificates made of silver
  • American Eagles
  • Proof sets in mint condition
  • Vintage silver dollars
  • U.S. coins (minted in 1964 or earlier)

Do you have Gold? We pay top dollar for gold! Come in today to sell us your gold and get cash fast!



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