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Have you run out of money and need some quick cash? Pawn your firearm for a fair market value at 8 Mile Pawn Shop. We can get you the most for your firearm. At our pawn shop, we make sure to store your items securely until you return. Pay your balance at any time during the loan period and have your firearm returned to you.
With the fear and unrest building up, people are stocking up on firearms. So, they are in high demand. Get your gun to our pawn shop to get quick money.

You can enjoy many benefits of pawing your firearm at 8 Mile Pawn Shop-


Quick, easy, and confidential means to borrow money


A convenient alternative to conventional banks


No impact or credit check on your credit


Lower storage fee and interest rate

With us, you can pawn your firearm with confidence. Pawning is a good idea if you don’t want to part with
your firearms and need some cash. To pawn firearms in Roseville, bring in your piece with the right documents. Thereafter, we will perform a background check, and give you a cash loan.

How does 8 Mile Pawn Shop Work?

At our firearm pawn shop, there are three ways to get money.

  • Pawning:

Pawning guns at a pawn shop implies that you use your firearms as collateral to get a loan from our store. Pay back the loan within the designated time to get your gun back.

  • Sales:

We give you cash for ownership of your gun. You get a percentage of what we think we can sell the gun for.

  • Consignment:

When you consign your gun, you enter into a shared-profit agreement with us. We will then retain your firearm and try to sell it. If we sell the gun, we both share the profit. But if we fail to sell the gun, you get it back.

When you decide to pawn guns in Roseville, do the following things

  • Come prepared with the firearm’s maker, model, caliber, mods, driving license, safety certificates, and proof of residence.
  • Decide on the gun value.
  • Bring your gun loaded in a locked case so that we can examine it.

The Process to Cash Your Firearms
In Roseville


We, at 8 Mile, appraise every firearm professionally. Our professionals can help you identify the guns if you are not sure about their make and models. We follow strict guidelines when it comes to our appraisals based on: make, model, composite and wood finish, metal finish, rarity, overall functionality and condition, and comparative sales value. 8 Mile is always fair with the appraisal. Even if the firearms display signs of damage, if they are still usable, we offer you a loan against them. If you request, we can explain our value assessment.

At no cost, you can sell your unwanted firearms. As soon as you hand over the firearms, we will provide you with the agreed-to value.

If you are not ready to ditch your entire collection, no problem! Explore your possibilities at our firearm pawn shop. If you pawn or sell in bulk, you can get more bang for your buck

Things You Should Know Before PawningYour Firearm at 8 Mile

When you pawn your firearm at 8 Mile, you need to know a few things

You can only put shotguns andlong rifles up for a collateral loan.
At 8 Miles Pawn Shop, we give 30-day loans at 20%.
If you are unable to pay your loan within the designated time, get it renewed for an additional 30 days by visiting the store and paying the interest amount.
In case you are unable to visit our store to pay the interest after the completion of the due date of the loan, you will get a two weeks grace period to pay your loan before we forfeit it to your account and put your firearm up for sale.
Even though we offer a two weeks grace period, we levy a late fee of a month’s interest tacked on an addition $1 each day during the grace period.

Prepare for a Background Check of Your Firearms

  • We will perform a background check during or before the transaction. No matter whether you have owned a pistol before pawing it, a routine background check is required by state law in Detroit.
  • To save yourself some time, bring your government-issued ID, proof of address, and other documents required when you pawn or sell a gun.

Does the Gun have to be Registered?


Although Michigan doesn’t have a firearm registration system, pawn shops are required to keep records of the pawned gun as they might have to report to law enforcement when selling them.

Federally licensed dealers are usually required to conduct background checks. Ours is a completely secure pawn shop. So, we don’t deal with any unregistered guns.

No private transaction of shotgun or rifle is permitted between two non-licensed individuals. But in case of a private sale of a pistol between two non-licensed personnel, a license for a pistol is needed, unless the buyer conceals the pistol license. Individuals having a valid CPL will have to fill out a pistol sales record to get a license to buy.

Types of Firearms We Buy

Most pawnshops will sell or pawn any quality rifle or pistol, which has worn out but still functions. Surely, a ‘new-like’ firearm will be more precious and get you more money. If you have an antique rifle, such as one that belongs to the period of the Civil War is even more valuable. We will ensure its authenticity and give you the best value for your antique firearm.

As long as you are a legal owner of the firearm, we can make an on-spot loan offer. So, you have cash in your pocket in just a few minutes, not even days. No waiting for phone calls, emails, or meet-ups with shady characters.

If there is anything that our professionals know a lot about it is guns. There is a reason why we are considered to be the best place to pawn firearms in Roseville.

Why Selling At 8 Mile is Better than Selling Privately?

We don’t say selling privately is wrong. But if you sell your gun at our pawn shop, you get peace of mind that you are not selling it to a stranger. Our thorough background check ensures that pawned firearms don’t land in the hands of any felon or someone who can’t legally buy a firearm.

Selling your gun at our pawnshop gives you the opportunity to turn your cash around on spot without having to wait.

Hassle-Free and Competitive Deals

Offering your gun as collateral at a pawn shop comes with many perks that many fail to realize. But 8 Miles Pawn Shop gives you peace of mind that your firearm is not going to end up in the wrong hands. We will make an offer within just a few minutes of you walking through the door. Lastly, we will make you a fair deal that works for both you and us.

Allow our professionals to assess your old gun to make you the best offer. We exercise complete safety and security in buying and selling firearms.

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