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Selling a gun in Michigan requires knowledge of the state’s laws to ensure buyers and sellers are in compliance and don’t make any mistakes. The state of Michigan has numerous laws concerning the ownership, transfer and the carrying of firearms. If considering selling a gun to another individual, understanding current regulations and laws that regulate gun transactions can help ensure all parties are in compliance.

The following information was obtained via the Firearms Laws of Michigan publication compiled April 2021 by the Legislative Service Bureau through the State Legislature.

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How Does A Firearm Pawn Work in the Pawn Shop

Pawning a firearm at a pawnshop: If a customer decides the would like to get a collateral loan on their firearm here are some key points they will need to know and be aware of.

  • Long Rifles and Shot Guns are the only firearms allowed to be put onto a collateral loan
  • Loans are 30 day basis at 20%
  • Loan can be Renewed for an additional 30 Days by coming into the store and paying on their interest.
  • When ready to pick up firearm out of loan the customer must pass a background check in order for the Firearms Specialist to release to the customer.
  • If the customer does not come into the store and pay on the interest before the Due date on the ticket they have a 2 week grace period to make a payment to save firearm from being forfeited out the customers account and placed in the firearms showcase for sale.
  • During the Grace Period there is a late fee of 1months interest tacked on plus $1 everyday in the grace period the customer uses.

Buying and Selling a Firearm in Michigan

There is no purchase permit for a private transaction of a rifle or shotgun between two non-licensed individuals. However, if entering a private sale of a pistol between two non-licensed individuals, a license for the pistol is required unless the buyer has a concealed pistol license. For those who have a current and valid CPL, they need to have the seller fill out a pistol sales record in lieu of obtaining a license to purchase.

Buyers and sellers may obtain a license to purchase from any law enforcement agency in Michigan, provided that they are a Michigan resident. When the license to purchase is completed by the seller, the Michigan State Police copy must be returned to the agency that issued the license to purchase within 10 calendar days. If turning in a pistol sales record, the Michigan State Police copy must be turned into the police agency for which you reside within 10 days of obtaining the gun.

What is the Process for a customer to Pawn or Sell their Firearms

Here are a few things to know and understand when conducting a firearms transaction with a pawnshop.

  • Call the pawnshop and see what they require documentation wise.
  • Make sure to have valid state identification to be able to process any transaction.
  • Background checks will be done when customer is purchasing or redeeming a firearm.
  • Bring firearm unloaded in case (preferably locked) to be examined by the firearms specialist.
  • Customer should come in with an understanding that when selling a firearm they will not receive what they spent retail for the firearm.
  • When a customer is asking for a loan make sure they understand the whole process before processing anything so that way the customer can make the best decision for them.

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