A pawn is a 90-day collateral loan during which you may pick up your items at any time. You can use 1 day and then pick up your loan or you can use the full 90 days and then pick up your loan.

The minimum APR is 3% and the maximum APR is 35%. At the end of your loan, you can decide to make a redemption or renewal (when you renew your loan it is another 90 day loan which you can use 1 day or the full 90 days and then pick up your loan, same minimum and maximum APR apply).

A redemption is the payment of your principal + interest, at which time you will receive your item(s) back. A renewal is a payment of interest only, which renews your loan for another 90 days.

There is no limit to the amount of times a pawn can be renewed and you may also choose to surrender your items at any time as payment in full.