Pawn Or Selling Your Vehicle


Here is a list of what we accept on pawn

  • Automobiles
  • Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Construction equipment
  • RV’s
  • ATV’s
  • Commercial Yard Machinery
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles

The Process Of Getting A Loan

1 Step

Bring the item down fully complete with everything it needs to run smooth and properly.

2 Step

The Title must match the customers name whom is getting a loan

3 Step

The general manager will than look at the vehicle.

4 Step

The general manager will than discuss with the customer how much they can offer on a loan.

5 Step

If the customer wants to process the loan the general manager will have the customer back the car into a spot in the parking lot and use a steering wheel lock.

6 Step

The customer will than need to see the cashier, with their Valid ID and Title to the item.

7 Step

The cashier will than type the ticket up and have the customer fill out a car loan agreement form.

The Terms and Conditions of the loan

  • Auto loans are place on a 30 day loan, with a $100 storage per vehicle. The customer has the option the either pay the interest off and renew the loan for an additional 30 days or pay off the principal and interest and redeem their vehicle.
  • If the customer happens to miss the due date and don’t make an interest payment they will enter into their grace period where they will have 2 weeks to make a payment or pick up their vehicle, its just during the grace period there is a late fee tacked on of one months interest and an additional $100 for storage.
  • The customer will sign a loan agreement explaining that if the loan is forfeited they acknowledge that the business will own and have proper possession to sell said vehicle that was in loan.

Other Items We Pawn

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